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This site is the culmination of information gathered over the past three years regarding the mystery of the man I knew as "Grandpa". Nearly all the information on this website has been gathered, by interviews, reviews, articles and book bios from places such as E-Bay, Alibris, etc.

One of the challenges for me personally is the lack of information about Henri Weiner the artist, writer, editor and political commentator. Nearly all the information passed on to the family has been since he became "Stephen Longstreet". We were told that three of his books: "Nine Lives with Grandfather', "The Sisters Liked them Handsome" and "The Boy in the Model T" were autobiographical. It became apparent that this was a false history created to hide a past and fool those would try to gain access to it. We spent the next years collecting his actual work as a legacy for his great grandchildren.

With the passing of Stephen Longstreet on February 20, 2002 it seemed appropriate to start putting the information we had collected on a website in his honor. Because of the constant reinventing that occurred in the bios of Henri Weiner/Paul Haggard, Thomas Burton, David Ormsbee and Stephen Longstreet we will correct information as credible evidence appears regarding the actual facts.

Thanks for creating such an eloborate jigsaw puzzle grandpa, it's a hoot!
- Liz (and hubby Larry as official home librarian).


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