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Real People?
Nell Kimball & W.W. Windstaff

Nell Kimball: "Her Life as an American Madam". Her memoirs are published in 1970, thirty Six years after "meeting Stephen Longstreet" (Henry). Regretfully, she passed away very shortly thereafter. Why did "Nell" seek out a cartoonist and art editor to publish her diary?

W.W. Windstaff, British World War I Pilot: "Lower than Angels". His memoirs were published in 1992, sixty two years after giving them to "Stephen Longstreet" (Henry-cartoonist) in lieu of payment for editorial assitance. He passed away shortly thereafter. Oddity: In the introduction, the quotes regarding W.W.Windstaff are quotes that could be used regarding Stephen Longstreet.

Bizarre coincidences: Both died shortly after giving their manuscripts to "Stephen" (Henry age 24-27). Both "original" manuscripts have vanished. Both wrote their memoirs in Stephen's writing style, yet he was only the editor.

Could these works be fiction? Perhaps, but we will never know for sure.


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