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This would be his most prolific decade with 41 more books notched in his writer's belt. Of these, 23 will involve the art work with compilations of many artists. The most famous of these and still quite collectible: "Treasury of the World's Great Prints". "Pedlock and Sons". Two collaborations with his wife, Ethel, "Geisha"and "A salute to American Cooking". The autobiography of Hoagy Carmichael is written as well as "Sportin' House, A History of New Orleans Sinners and the Birth of Jazz".

Three more movies would be released: "Wild Harvest" (1961), "Rider on a Dead Horse" (1962), "The Secret Door" (1962).

The remaining 4 grandchildren are born.

Jazz Historian?
Stephen Longstreet is taken to task in this scathing review by Al Rose.
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